Nandos Coventry

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Nandos Coventry

Nandos Coventry
Nandos CoventryNandos CoventryNandos CoventryNandos CoventryNandos CoventryNandos Coventry

Contact:   Richard France

We were asked to bring life to the Coventry Nandos by using lighting and vibrant colours, we had a nice open area where glass roof panels increase natural lighting. We decided a contrast patterned floor tile would be a nice eye catching feature to really work with the natural lighting. We used the wall of glass windows where trees and plants were outside to create a sense of nature and reflected that theme inside using a wall of wooden tiles. We made this a pattern throughout the Coventry branch and used a mix of contrasting patterned floor tiles alongside wooden flooring, wooden wall features and bright patterned pillars to match. As keeping to the usual bright and vibrant Nandos theme, we filled open spaces with features like floor to ceiling poles which each had numerous colourful large beads on, this feature is eye catching and fun.

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