Nandos Crewe

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Nandos Crewe

Nandos Crewe
Nandos CreweNandos CreweNandos CreweNandos CreweNandos CreweNandos Crewe

Project Details

When we were given the Crewe Nandos to redesign, we had to take into consideration the high sloped roofing and use of open space as we did not want to make this restaurant feel too big and open. We used a warm design of dark wooden roof tiles to bring in the openness of the restaurant. We used the natural lighting of the restaurant to really light the place up during daylight and then used a collection of bubble style light fittings to create an ambience of modern lighting to the room. This accompanied by the bright colour spectrum of bamboo shoots above the till and kitchen area really brings this restaurant to life. When you visit this restaurant you will really notice the use of bright coloured tiles and features against dark woods and the use of natural lighting to really brighten the place up. One of our more naturally lit projects. 


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